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At Troyer Medical, you have access to the best medical providers. At our office, we offer medical care for your total well-being: medical, mental health and addiction treatment. By making more people healthier, our approach makes our entire community healthier, too.

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About Doctor Eric Troyer

Dr. Eric C. Troyer is board certified in addiction medicine and can treat all forms of addiction, utilizing clinically proven techniques and medications as a part of the treatment regimen. Apart from treating substance abuse, Dr. Troyer also has over 30 years of experience in primary care and family medicine. He is also one of the first physicians to be certified in addiction medicine.

Patient Testimonials

I absolutely love this place. I always give credit to first God then Dr. Troyer for my sobriety. He has hands down saved my life. The other staff is amazing as well.

Debbie R. Patient

I love going here bc the people that work here are awesome and caring an if you have a problem they always go out of their way to try and fix it and they are so nice and caring.

Amy H. Patient

I love Dr. Troyer he has been there for our family on so many different occasions for over 15 years. He has met us at his office after hours before and he really does care about his patients.

Valerie B. Patient

His dedication to our community and the people who live here is incredible. He has helped so many people not only locally but around the world.

Lynn S. Patient

Dr. Troyer is so fun and quirky and his staff is AMAZING! They went above and beyond everything to help me and I am beyond thankful for them!

Ryan. L. Patient