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A weight loss clinic or weight loss center assists people in losing weight and learning healthy living practices. Here at Troyer medical, our weight loss doctor does this by educating our patients as well as learning more about them to personalize a plan that will work for them.

The top clinics, such as Troyer Medical, will include trained clinicians, doctors, and medical professionals to assist you in your journey. We focus on doctor-supervised diet, exercise, and supplement regimes. Our weight loss programs are tailored to you and your specific needs. Contact us today!

Individualized Weight Loss Programs

We are a full-service medical clinic that offers weight loss programs by appointment, or you can walk in.

Our weight loss clinic uses a traditional diet to disrupt the fat-building process. Medical therapy is also available, including possible injections, oral dissolving weight loss pills (B12 and HCG), and prescription appetite suppressants. At Troyer Medical, we believe that success is determined not only by your ability to lose weight but also by your ability to keep it off. Our comprehensive plans include a “Safety Net” tool to track your progress after reaching your target weight. With our treatment programs, you may reclaim control of your life and live more productive and happier lives.

How Do You Pick a Weight Loss Clinic?

Some weight loss clinics allow patients to quickly pick up weight loss tablets after a brief visit. During this visit, they get what they need and walk out without providing a detailed medical history or seeking medical advice from a doctor. These are the types of clinics you should avoid. This is a hazardous practice that could significantly impact your health. Our system is not about how to lose weight fast. It is about changing your lifestyle to improve your weight. 

Instead, look for a facility that focuses on lifestyle changes. We will provide you with skills to make healthy choices as well as advice on how to include exercise in your daily routine. Tracking what you eat and keeping track of how much activity you get each week are two of these tactics.

A good weight loss facility, such as Troyer Medical, will also educate you on stress management. You will talk about sleeping habits and learn how sleep affects weight loss. But also gain an education on the drawbacks of weight loss drugs. Furthermore, you will have ongoing supervision and support while you are in the program.

Avoid any centers where the advertising appears too good to be true. Also, be sure to avoid places that aren’t based on research or medical evidence.

Our goal is to help you learn about the long-term process. We will also emphasize behavioral treatment. This treatment will empower you to make changes that will improve your health.

What Happens When I Go to a Weight Loss Clinic?

When you visit Troyer Medical, a clinician will ask about your health. body mass index (BMI), exercise habits, lifestyle, and medical history.

Dr. Troyer will next create a weight loss regimen that is unique to you. Some individuals may have many chronic ailments, while others may have physical restrictions that make exercise difficult. Or, they may be taking medications that make it difficult to use weight loss supplements. Because each patient is unique, a one-size-fits-all strategy isn’t the best option for many people.

To boost weight loss when you first start the program, certain facilities may focus on a meal replacement plan or a low-calorie diet under the direction of a doctor. Others may concentrate on assisting you in losing one to two pounds each week with moderate food adjustments and low-impact workouts such as walking. Everything will be determined by your medical history, activity, nutrition, and weight. Some centers may recommend drugs as well.

We realize that everyone’s situation is unique and different. The approach that Troyer Medical takes with each patient will be determined by Dr. Troyer and his staff, tailored to the patient’s needs. Some patients will need medications for assistance. Others will need to learn better nutrition and how to better care for their bodies. We will do an evaluation during your first visit to determine what would work best for you and your situation.

Why Are Medical Weight Loss Clinics Successful in the Long Run?

Many dieters find themselves going back and forth between being overweight, losing weight, and then gaining it again. Much of this is due to short-term fitness programs, “miracle” diet medications, and fad diets. Getting and keeping the weight off demands a regular, long-term plan, which medical weight loss clinics like Troyer Medical offer.

Our clinicians provide a customized strategy based on the patient’s lifestyle and goals. Follow-up visits keep the plan on track and prevent a comeback of weight gain, and sustainable diet and exercise routines lower weight safely and consistently.

Long-Term Weight Loss Tips

It takes time and dedication to lose weight and keep it off. Excess weight is never gained overnight, and it is never lost overnight. However, with commitment, you can lose weight faster than you might expect.

Creating and keeping healthy behaviors puts you on the way to long-term weight loss, with a constant weight decrease every week! To get long-term outcomes, some permanent lifestyle adjustments may be required.

What Distinguishes Our Weight Loss Programs From Other Weight Loss Methods?

Most are cookie-cutter systems that advise you what to eat and how much to consume without knowing anything about you, your habits, your schedule, or your history. Dr. Troyer will spend time getting to know you and your habits before preparing a specific program based on your family history, blood levels, or past. He will then create an eating plan outlining how much food you can consume and how many calories you need to meet your objectives. We will also create an exercise regimen tailored to your hectic schedule and your ability. Dr. Troyer may prescribe vitamins and supplements to help with the procedure, so you achieve the outcomes you want. At Troyer Medical, losing that extra weight is more than feasible!

Weight Loss Program FAQ's

The weight loss programs at Troyer Medical Inc. are safe for those with diabetes and hypertension. We also help to manage any complications that may arise from these conditions. Our weight loss programs are able to help with many other conditions caused by obesity, such as arthritis, chronic lymph edema and lower extremity edema.

The program has three phases: Transition, Quick Start and Maintenance. Each phase is made up of four components, food, activity and behavior. These are customized to your goals and needs. The program’s core components are food and behavior. If the doctor feels it is safe and appropriate, medication prescriptions and activity are recommended. The medical weight loss program is not a one-size fits all. Your certified medical weight loss physician will customize a plan for you, based on your unique characteristics and weight loss challenges.

Two main differences will be apparent compared to other weight-loss programs. First, our program is physician-supervised. Our doctors are highly trained in medical science and weight loss. They can help you manage your weight while considering your overall health. They have the tools and resources to help you lose weight faster than other programs. Our program doesn’t focus on one aspect of weight loss. Our holistic approach includes diet, exercise, and behavioral modification. Weight maintenance and weight loss are a part of everyday life. Our doctors are aware of this fact and will support you in reaching your goals every step of the journey.

There is no requirement for medication. Your doctor may prescribe an appetite suppressant to help you lose weight. However, this is only possible if you are willing to consent. You can have your doctor adjust any medications that you may be on for another condition. However, this could also interfere with your weight loss efforts.

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