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Medical Clinic

About Our Medical Clinic

Finding the right medical clinic for you and your family isn’t always that easy. You have a hectic schedule and a long list of responsibilities. You frequently neglect to take care of yourself. Meanwhile, you know you need a primary care physician, but you’re not sure when you’ll have time to look through the huge list of doctors in your area.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t even have annual doctor’s office appointments. You reason that if there is an issue, you will arrange an appointment. That is the absolute last thing you want to do. You should plan ahead of time by scheduling frequent checkups with your primary care physician to avoid complications later on. The best course of action is to practice preventative medicine.

Consider the following reasons why you should select Troyer Medical while looking for the best fit for you.

What We Have to Offer
  • On-site lab testing Referrals to specialty treatment if needed
  • Treatment and testing for Hepatitis C
  • STI testing treatment
  • Suboxone Therapy
  • Addiction Treatment.
  • School and sports physicals.
  • Vaccinations, such as flu vaccinations.
  • Chronic disease treatment, such as diabetes and hypertension.
  • Children, adolescents, and adults receive primary and preventive health care.

Your health is important to us, and it shows with our professional care. We take the time to understand you and your lifestyle to help you better improve your health and way of life. Our team is expertly trained to assist patients with all sorts of medical needs. When you are in need of a family doctor, primary care physician, internal medicine expert, or simply looking for a doctor’s office, you can count on us. Contact us today to get started.

Finding the Right Family Doctor

-We understand that your healthcare decisions signify the start of a new and vital relationship.

-We recognize how critical it is to collaborate with you to understand your symptoms and your perspective, concerns, thoughts, and expectations.

-It is important to us to emphasize good communication and coordination of treatment across all of a patient’s health care professionals.

Your Health is a Priority

You immediately become our top focus when you enter our medical clinic. You can express your concerns and ask questions. Our highly trained medical personnel will be able to meet your needs. We will be happy to discuss this with you and help you with whatever issue you are experiencing. If you don’t have any issues but are visiting for your yearly check-up, we will take the time to thoroughly examine you to ensure there isn’t anything hidden going on. Every appointment will include a complete evaluation. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet our staff and receive the personalized attention you deserve.

You Will Be Greeted Warmly

Our attentive and pleasant team is ready to put you at ease. Every time you come in for an appointment, we will do everything we can to make you feel welcome.

We are there whenever you need us.  

Life is unpredictable. Even if you are committed to taking care of yourself, you may encounter unanticipated health issues. An illness or accident might throw you for a loop. You may have a persistent ailment that requires treatment. When you have a health problem, our medical clinic is here to help. We’re not just here for when you need a check-up. We are here for you regardless of what is going on within your body. We will assist you in determining the cause of symptoms that will not go away or that you do not understand. If you need the services of a specialist, we will do our best to locate the best specialist for you.

Take a Collaborative Approach to Your Health

Your search for a medical clinic has come to an end. Troyer Medical is here to help. We’ll work with you to ensure your health is on track. Visit us on a regular basis and make great life choices to feel your best. We are confident that we will find solutions for you when you are not feeling well.

Set up your first consultation with our Landis, NC office today. This will allow you to get to know us better. You will undergo an initial evaluation to determine if you require any extra care. If everything is in order, plan on returning next year.

Cost-effective Quality Care

Troyer Medical is dedicated to providing effective, high-quality, and cost-effective healthcare.

We treat people with insurance as well as those who prefer to pay on their own.

We can offer the following services to our self-pay or self-funding patients:

  • Care that is safe and secure
  • Cost-effective treatments and services therapy when needed
  • Free no-obligation quotations for a wide range of tests, consultations and treatments covered.
Our Quality and Results

Troyer Medical Clinic wants to be the leading independent healthcare provider, excelling in delivering quality healthcare services, and is dedicated to the highest quality patient care standards.

We offer a quality strategy that guides our everyday decisions. We strive to continuously improve and exceed in everything we do. This is demonstrated by our reputation for high-quality performance and our commitment to consistently improving the services we deliver to our patients.

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